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Custom AI built for your Business Tasks

Deploy AI helps you work faster with better results. Create documents, apps, presentations and emails using AI trained on your data.

Use any AI Model with any business application

Use any AI model

With your business applications

Accelerate every part of your business

Deploy AI recognizes the importance of SOC2* compliance in ensuring enterprise-grade security. We ensure your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we maintain a strict policy of never using your data for training purposes.
Multiple AI Models
From GPT4 and Anthropic's Claude 2, to Gemini* and Stable Diffusion*, Deploy AI is built around making sure you have the best model for your task.

*Coming Soon
AI Task Agents
Advanced AI agents, seamlessly integrated with your data, designed to help you with your business tasks. From Marketing and Sales, to development and Product Management, Deploy AI helps you work faster with better results.

Agents designed around your data to help you work faster

Blog Post
Create a Blog Post for your Website or Newsletter
AWS Serverless API
Generate code for an AWS Serverless Lambda function
Cold E-mail Template
Draft a cold outbound sales email for your product or service.
Job Description
Create a job description for an open position at your company.
AD Generator
Create a AD for Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter etc.
SWOT Analysis
Identify Strengths, Threats, Weaknesses & Opportunities.
Social Media Post
Generate a Social Media Post for Linkedin, Twitter etc.
Case Study
Write a Case Study based on a customer engagement.
Cold E-mail Template
Craft a cold email for reaching out to potential clients or partners.
Create Sales Training Doc
Develop sales documentation for your teams.
Write call follow up
Craft a concise email in response to this message.
Summarize meeting notes
Create a detailed summary of a meeting with action points.
Create test plan
Develop a strategy for software quality assurance.
Generate model schema
Create structure for data representation.
Create on-call SOPs
Establish Standard Operating Procedures for on-call personnel.
Bug report
Determine urgency and importance of known bug fixes.
Generate user story
Craft detailed user narratives outlining features and functions.
Identify success metrics
Define measures for evaluating performance outcomes.
Create launch plan
Develop a strategy for a products market introduction.
Create project timeline
Outline key milestones and deadlines for your project.
Job Description
Create a detailed job description for any role.
Create job listing
Create copy for open job vancancies.
Create recognition document
Acknowledgment of an employee's performance.
Create onboarding materials
Develop resources for new employee orientation.
Terms of Service
Define website visitor usage rules and responsibilities on your site.
Privacy Policy
Define how website visitors personal data is handled.
Contract review
Evaluate terms and conditions of an agreement.
Predictive analytics
Forecast future outcomes using data analysis.

AI in the Enterprise – your competitive advantage

"A study conducted at MIT involving approx 450 white-collar participants revealed that those using GPT were able to complete assignments in areas like marketing, grant writing, data analysis, and human resources 37% faster than those who did not."
"A Study conducted by GitHub found Developers who used generative AI for development completed tasks 55% faster than the developers who didn't use generative AI."

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