Tailor AI to Your Data
with Retrieval-Augmented Generation

Introduce AI to your data sources with advanced Retrieval-Augmented Generation features that ensure accurate, context-aware responses for both internal and external agents.

RAG means better
data interaction

Relevance Matters
Your AI applications can always be informed with the most
up-to-date business data.
Internal and External Use
Implement RAG agents
for both employee support
and customer service.
Controlled Access
Secure your internal data with robust access control, ensuring users only see permitted information.
Versatile Data Handling
Support for files, images, and URLs to provide comprehensive data integration.

Discover RAG Features with Deploy.AI

Feed AI with Business Data for Better Responses

Enable your AI model to understand and precisely interact with your data. This way, you can enhance the accuracy and adaptability of your applications.

Minimize AI applications' errors—instead, provide context-aware answers to your customers and teams.

Broaden AI Capabilities with Function Calls

Make AI applications perform a wide range of functions, such as complex math operations, directly based on user requests. RAG will call the available function and complete a task while avoiding hallucinations and providing expected results.

Secure Data Access and Sensitive Information

Control who can access which data sources, increasing security and compliance. User access levels allow organizations to secure information display and sharing for better confidentiality, which is crucial when handling sensitive cases.

Use Versatile
and Comprehensive
Data Sources

Upload various types of files (e.g., PDFs, docs, spreadsheets, etc.) and images, as well as fetch data from links to give AI comprehensive insights required to achieve accuracy and cover all relevant topics. Data integration becomes highly flexible.

Unlock Powerful AI Applications with RAG

Knowledge Base Assistants

Create intelligent assistants that provide instant answers needed by your employees. They can provide templates, write code snippets, and help find relevant pieces of content required for daily operations.

Advanced Search Tools

Develop search tools that understand requests and respond with exact outputs expected by the user. Finding needed information in seconds has never been easier. Help your team with research and quick response generation for improved customer service.

Product Recommendations

Enhance customer experiences with tailored product suggestions. AI can adjust offers based on individual requirements like price range, delivery time, or reviews and present them to users in the most attractive way to boost sales.

Conversational Chatbots

Build chatbots that offer natural, human-like, helpful interactions. Free your employees’ time so they can focus on urgent cases and personal customer service. Bots can handle a multitude of conversations 24/7.

Superb Data Integration with Deploy.AI

Discover how Retrieval-Augmented Generation by Deploy.AI can advance your AI applications by helping them extract data important for your business.

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