Keep Your AI Agents
Safe and Precise

Guardrails by Deploy.AI is a cutting-edge solution that protects AI agents from harmful content and keeps your business on track by detecting off-topic inputs.

AI is flooded with harmful and irrelevant content

Prevent Attacks
Defend your AI agent against inappropriate material and hate speech.
Maintain Relevance
Keep AI responses aligned with your brand and its business objectives.
Improve Experience
Ensure the quality and safety
of your AI systems and their outputs without compromises.
Gain Control
Decide which topics should be blocked and never sent to your AI model.

Guardrails is a tailored solution with features dedicated to AI agents

Allow and Deny Lists

Allow and Deny are two types of rules in Guardrails. Each list has to be filled with phrases for AI agents to support or restrict, depending on specific objectives. The feature ensures that off-topic or violent content is not processed.

Customisable Instructions

Easily define rules to monitor and control content that reaches your AI agent. Instructions can be set up on the general organizational level and customized for individual agents.

This way, the AI model’s capabilities adapt to ongoing business needs.

Semantic Vector Similarity

Intelligent filtering provided by semantic vector similarity blocks unwanted prompts and ensures that only relevant inputs reach your AI agent. This means no more worries about your AI generating inappropriate or off-topic responses.

Access Control

Thanks to Guardrails, the AI model can answer questions by accessing information allowed for specific employee access levels only. This way, data dedicated to certain groups of employees only is secured.

Why Choose Guardrails?

Advanced AI Safeguarding

Ensure the unwavering security of your AI agents by making them resilient against external disruptive attempts. All interactions remain accurate, building a reliable and trustworthy brand image.

Cost Savings

Avoid financial losses associated with processing irrelevant content. Guardrails make sure that if a user treats your service as a general AI tool, they will be informed about the inability to process the request.

Perfect Business Fit

Each AI agent in your organization can have its own set of Guardrails to meet the specific objectives. You can also set up default, organization-wide Guardrails that will be adjusted to your brand identity and general goals.

Compliance Assurance

Protect your brand reputation and stay within regulatory boundaries with Guardrails' robust content filtering. Sensitive data of your employees and customers won’t be compromised when using AI agents.

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Unlock the full potential of AI agents with Deploy.AI Guardrails. Implement AI solutions that are precise, matched with business requirements, and always protected against potential threats.

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